Breadman BK1060S Professional Bread Maker

The Breadman BK1060S Professional Bread Maker is one of the better looking bread maker models in the market. It has a stainless steel look (made of aluminum) and a easy to use digital control panel. It features 14 different baking functions allowing you to make all types of breads, doughs and even jams.

It also features 3 settings for crusts colors, allowing you to choose from light, medium to dark. There is a 15 hour delay timer which is great for people who likes to have fresh bread made in the morning.

Collapsible Kneading Paddle

Many of you would probably know what I mean about one of the most annoying thing with bread makers is the hole left by the kneading paddle that remains attached during the baking process. The Breadman BK1060S has a collapsible kneading paddle which will automatically flatten out after kneading the dough, leaving the base of your bread hole free.

Jam Maker

Another great feature is the jam function, which allows to make a variety of homemade jams. I couldn’t think anything better than fresh bread, butter and home made jam.

Gluten Free, Low Carb and Artisan Bread

Baking these types of bread in a bread maker on the traditional white bread setting is really difficult as the baking process and consistency of doughs vary greatly.The Breadman BK1060S have a seperate baking function to cater for each of these bread types.

Automatic Fruit & Nut Dispenser

One of the best feature on this bread maker is the automatic fruit and nut dispenser. The Breadman BK1060S contains a special compartment which allows you to place all your additional ingredients at the beginning and it will automatically dispense it into the dough mixture. Meaning you don’t have to wait around and manually add the fruit and nut, compare to some bread makers in the market.

What’s Included

  • Bread Maker Machine
  • Paddle
  • Measuring Cup and Spoon
  • Recipes and Manual

Does it include a Warranty?

Yes the Breadman BK1060S comes with a 2-year limited warranty

Where can I buy the Breadman BK1060S Bread Maker?

The Breadman BK1060S Professional Bread Maker is available at Amazon


Overall the Breadman BK1060S have some excellent features including automatic fruit and nut dispenser, ability to bake gluten free and low carb diets and having a nice design. However with the on going issues with the collapsible kneading paddle is perhaps best to avoid until it has been resolved by the manufacturer.


  1. I have owned three bread makers in the past. All from diefnreft companies. My first one made loaves that were tall and looked funny. But I really loved the bread, and the smell that came with it! I finally wore it out. I hated digging the paddle out of the bottom. My second one was a tragic mistake by the company. It had an inherent flaw bread stuck to the pan. Even after they replaced the pan for free the second pan was even worse. I gave up making bread because even when I finally got the bread out of the pan, I still had to dig the paddle out of the bottom. I really loved my , so much so that I actually recently purchased one for my daughter. It does many things the earlier bread makers didn’t, including quickbread and cakes. It makes gluten-free bread. It has fast settings and normal settings. And it even has a jam setting! It is shaped so that loaves come out looking like loaves. Only one thing I didn’t like I had to dig the paddle out of the bottom. (sigh) And then Breadman came out with this wonderful selection! A Bread Maker that does NOT leave the paddle sticking in the middle! Even more, it has all of the settings I used on my Sunbeam (although it is missing the cakes, which I didn’t use) AND the automatic fruit and nut dispenser!!! So I set my Sunbeam aside, and went for it. The bread maker of my dreams. How does it work? The feature works by creating a one-way paddle that collapses when it is reversed. So the paddle turns and kneads while it goes in one direction. At the end of the kneading cycles, the machine reverses the turning of the paddle and it collapses into the bottom of the pan. As a result, while you have the impression of the paddle in the bottom of the loaf, the paddle is not stuck inside of the bread! So don’t think it’s perfect, it’s just much better than before. Cookbook and manual: This comes with a wonderful manual that even gives a comparison chart so that you can use whatever yeast is available in your store. All of the recipes use standard yeast, so you need to adapt them if you want to use fast-rise or other variations. The book is also very clear on how to use the various settings. Even more, the cookbook included has a wide selection of recipes for every setting. I would recommend using the included cookbook before you go out and buy any other recipe book for your machine. I did have a tiny problem with one of the recipes for cinnamon raisin bread. It reversed two of the ingredient amounts showing 1/2 cup yeast and 3/4 tsp raisins. The mistake was easy to spot, by someone who knows a little bit about bread making. Features: One of my favorite features on this (besides not pulling the paddle out and having the automatic nut and fruit dispenser) is the fact that it will make quickbreads, and even has recipes for them. My next trip to the store will be for bananas and macadamia nuts for banana macadamia nut bread. For me, this machine was worth it just for the two extra features. However, since it is so close to the Sunbeam, except for these two features, and the Sunbeam cost is much lower, you will need to make your own choice. Did I mention I really LOVE not having to dig the paddle out of the loaf? EDITED I have dropped this rating down to 4 stars When I attempted to make cinnamon raisin nut bread, the nuts got caught below the paddle and scratched the surface of the pan. Amazon immediately sent me out a replacement using overnight mail, and gave me 30 days to return the defective machine at their expense. If I encounter any future problems with the machine, I will pull the rest of the stars, but Amazon itself was very helpful in resolving the issue.

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