Breadman Bread Maker Recipes

Low Carb White Bread


Water (80°F/27°C) 1½ cups
Canola oil 3 tablespoon
Lemon juice 2 teaspoon
Liquid lecithin 1 tbsp.
Butter, cold and cut in small pieces ¼ cup
Eggs, large, at room temperature 2
Salt 2 teaspoon
Psyllium husks 3 tablespoon
Dry oatmeal, instant or regular 3 tablespoon
Nutritional yeast flakes 3 tbsp.
Oat bran ¾ cup
Splenda ¼ cup
Rice bran ¼ cup
Vital wheat gluten 1 cup
Bread flour 2 cups
Active dry yeast 6 teaspoon


1. Measure and add the ingredients.
2. Select the White Course mode and press the Start/Stop button.
3. Remove the baked loaf.


Suitable for the TR2500BC, TR2700 Models. Can be used for other models, however ingredients made require adjustments.

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  1. Derajean Fuhrken says:

    I recently purchased the Breadman Mod.2000B and found a serious mistake in the recipe book that came with the machine for the 2 1/2 # loaf. I adjusted the ingredients to what I though should work, it still turned out poorly. The bread rose to the top of the lid and stuck, Making a difficult mess to clean. I then tried the French 2# loaf and it diid not produce a full loaf. This leads me to beleive that there may be other mistakes in the book.

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